Washington: A new study has revealed that certain names can suggest whether they will be a mummy's boy or a daddy's girl.

It found that lads bearing the name Isaac or Jake are most likely to be "mummy's boys".
Other boys likely to live in their mummy's pocket are those named Alexander, Max, Finlay and Oliver.

A study of 3,000 women with children aged three to 16 revealed those with the trendy names are more prone to go running to mum in times of crisis.

"Boys can love their dads dearly but it is natural to run to mum as they can be the ones who are a bit softer on their sons. The relationship with dad can be just as strong and special but more playful rather than one of safety and comfort," the daily quoted Lisa Penney, spokesmum for Bounty.com, as saying.

The study also revealed mummy's boys share more kisses and cuddles with their mothers and are more likely to turn on the tears with her, knowing they'll get a speedy response.