Dehradun: The Nano satellite designed by the students of the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies was successfully launched on Friday. The satellite was launched with the help of a helium balloon and on attaining a height of 900 metres, the control room received the information about the temperature on the various layers of atmosphere.

The satellite was tied with a helium air balloon which after covering a height of 99 metres, started giving inputs about the variable temperatures at different layers of the atmosphere.  In the flight duration of 27 minutes and 14 ones, the satellite also provided accurate data regarding height, location and magnetic pressure in the atmosphere.

A second test of the Nano satellite will also be conducted soon which will cover a height of 5,000 metres, the students claimed. 

According to the students, after reaching a height of 20 kilometres, the helium air balloon carrying the satellite will burst and the parachute will bring the satellite back to the ground.

Following groups were involved on this project:

Group 1: Yuvesh Panwar, Smriti Ahuja, Mangesh Thakkar, Abhishek Rawat

Group 2: Anurag Kapoor, Gaurav, Faizan Buch, Harshjit Shukla

Nano Satellite protype electronics: Anik Jain, Nikhil Thakkar, Rohit Badola

Fabrication: Akansha Dhar, Samaksh Bahl, Yachna Gola.