Karthikeyan takes a lot of pride in the way he defied odds in the challenging and financially demanding world of motorsport and found a foothold for himself.
All his struggle culminated in taking him to the pinnacle of the sport -- F1 -- in 2005. He drove for Hispania in 2011 and 2012 but when the team withdrew from the grid last season, Karthikeyan began his stint in AutoGP, where he initially raced for Zele Racing before switching to Super Nova.
"I am quite satisfied, and have very few regrets. Nothing came easy, especially in motorsport as there was absolutely no awareness in India when I started out," Karthikeyan said.
"Whatever I have achieved, it has been because of my hard work and nothing else. No one handed out any favours, and being a coloured driver racing in UK and Europe during my early days was more difficult than you'd think in modern times," Karthikeyan added.
"The only thing I am somewhat sorry about is crashing out of the Macau Formula 3 GP in 2000, after starting on pole and leading the race by several seconds. I was the fastest driver all weekend, and but for that crash I would have made it to the F1 grid much before than I finally did in 2005,” he said.
"But apart from that, I am satisfied with how things have turned out. I never give up and at times I've always made it against all odds and expectations. I have no doubts in my ability and that is what has taken me this far," he said.


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