New Delhi: If general elections were to be held amidst the election fervor in the five poll bound states then coalitions like the UPA and the NDA would fail to form a government at the Centre.

According to a poll conducted by an English weekly, non-NDA and non-UPA parties will have the maximum possibility of forming the government. In the data revealed by the survey, the UPA will manage to bag 168-178 seats. The Congress that has 206 MPs in the Lok Sabha will manage only 110 seats whereas the BJP’s tally could rise from 116 to 140 seats.

Surprisingly, in spite of the anti-Muslim image of Gujarat CM, Narendra Modi, is favoured by masses over Rahul Gandhi for the Prime Ministerial candidate. Modi has left Manmohan Singh way behind in the poll.
The survey reveals that the Congress will have to bear a loss of about 96 seats; however the BJP may improve its tally by 24 seats. The survey further reveals that the non-UPA and the non-NDA allies will manage to grab 180 to 190 seats.

According to the poll, Narendra Modi has emerged as the first choice for the post of Prime Minister. 24 percent respondents voted for Modi while 17 percent preferred Rahul Gandhi for the coveted post. 
In a poll conducted in August 2010, Rahul Gnadhi was the most favoured candidate for the post of Prime Minister with 29 percent votes. But the percentage declined to 20 in 2011. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s popularity has dipped by 1 percent. Only 10 percent of the people want to see Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister.