"Modi is a 3D leader as he is decisive, dynamic and represents development ... the BJP-led NDA will definitely sweep the next general elections riding on a strong undercurrent blowing in its favour in the entire country," Naidu said.

He claimed that Modi's 3D credentials were in contrast to the incumbent government and its leadership which lacked trust of the people.

On the controversy arising out Modi's toilet remarks, he said that BJP political rivals, particularly Union Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh, had twisted the Gujarat Chief Minister's comments for political benefit.

The former BJP president attacked Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for pulling out the JD(U) from the NDA to protest Modi's elevation.

Naidu expressed amusement at the Chief Minister thanking Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for giving him a certificate for being a secular leader.

The political equations at the national level will definitely change in the run up to the next general elections and after, the senior BJP leader said.


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