"... in case he takes over the country in 2014, it may be the last general election in democratic India because he does not believe in democracy. RSS does not have faith in democracy. He is a threat to Indian democracy", Alvi, a known critic of Modi, said on a day the Gujarat Chief Minister celebrated his 64th birthday.

He said Modi's anointment as PM candidate showed that the decisions of BJP are being taken by the RSS, which controls it. "RSS publicly issues a statement that they have given a direction to BJP to announce Modi as candidate for prime ministership. It is the RSS which takes decisions of the BJP without considering what majority of the leaders of BJP want,” he said.

"... RSS does not believe in democracy and is a fascist organization beyond doubt. Modi is true representative of the RSS. He will continue to be the Prime Minister in waiting for 10 years like LK Advani," he said.

Alvi also claimed that senior leaders of BJP know very well that Modi does not believe in democracy, but unfortunately it is not possible for them to speak out being members of BJP.


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