Addressing a public meeting here, Modi also hit out at the SP and BSP, saying they were only interested in vote-bank politics like the Congress and had now outshone it by adding their own colours to it.
The BJP Prime Ministerial candidate said the Congress was "arrogant", "thick skinned" and not bothered about the people, who it assumes, are "in their pocket". "The Congress is like termites," he said.
"Delhi's Congress party is not interested in India's progress. They are not interested in changing the fate of the nation. They are used to vote bank politics. They always practice politics of manipulation and fixing. That is why they put 25 percent people together and ignore the remaining 75 percent. This has been the hallmark of Congress party.
"It is a party to divide and rule, this is what is Congress' nature...Congress divided the nation at the time of divided Vande Mataram, allowed a separate law in Kashmir and divided people on the basis of parametres like water, language...divided North-South, urban- rural, Modi said addressing the big rally.
Accusing parties like SP and BSP of learning to play vote bank politics from the Congress, he said, "They stole this from the Congress and added their own colours to it and are bracing with each other. The result is a competition among them on who should be in the forefront of vote bank politics."
 "SP and BSP is a result of Congress' sin. This vote bank politics has ruined the nation. Today, the nation wants to tread the path of development. BJP does the politics of uniting the nation and people. BJP is above vote bank politics and is doing only politics of development," he said.

 Taking a jibe at the UPA government over the issue of corruption, Modi said the level of graft has reached such levels that even UPA Ministers don't believe in the corruption figures.
Citing the example of alleged misappropriation of funds to the tune of Rs 70 lakh usurped by an NGO run by a Union Minister and his family, another Minister had said, "Rs 70 lakh is nothing. Had it been Rs 70 crore, then I could have believed the involvement of a Union Minister."
He accused the Congress of turning "thick-skinned" and said it was not interested in the welfare of the nation and its people and was only interested in its own welfare.
 "They have turned thick-skinned. They think, people of the nation are in their pocket. They are not concerned about them.

They have turned arrogant. This arrogance and nepotism of Congress is eating into the nation like termite," he said.
 Making an appeal to the public to free the nation from the Congress, SP and BSP, Modi asked people if they wished to destroy their tomorrow after their today was ruined by such regimes.
"Whether this nation survives or not...Our today is ruined. Will you let your tomorrow also be destroyed? You need to free the nation from Congress, SP and BSP...This nation is not poor. It can touch the skies, but unfortunately it has got such governments that it is unable to do so. BJP will take the nation to new heights," he said.
Modi lashed out at the Congress for making "false promises" of providing employment to the youth and checking price rise before coming to power. He also hit out at the government over the Coal scam.


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