"Indeed this is the dilemma of Narendra Modi, dilemma that of the Sangh Parivar who likes to promote these divisive ideas," Singh said.

While speaking at a panel discussion on 'Who's afraid of a Hindu Rashtra' at the Statesman Rural Reporting Awards Singh said Modi wants to project himself as a great development leader but has to keep pace with an agenda which is divisive and exclusive.

"Even before Modi was anointed as prime ministerial candidate my party under the leadership of Nitish Kumar decided to break the 17-year-old alliance. Therefore we will be going to the field to emphasize and underscore the importance of secularism," he said.

Stating that Indians wants economic growth, better life quality, he stressed on the need to celebrate diversity and unity in the country. On the idea of a 'Hindu Rashtra' he said this can never happen in India becomes it is too diverse.

Trinamool Congress MP Saugata Roy said the BJP is still not acceptable to Muslims. "In the 2014 elections, I don't foresee any stable majority for any party," he said while insisting that he his party will not support a BJP-led government.


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