He also alleged that hundreds of people from Gujarat came to Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh and indulged in rioting.
Verma told reporters that Uttar Pradesh government protected the rioters as both BJP and Samajwadi Party were in ‘collusion.’
Referring to Modi's speech in Jhansi, he said, "I heard the speech of 'blot of Godhra' (Modi). He was preaching but is not looking inward. Riots, which happened in Muzaffarnagar, in my knowledge, were much worse than Godhra. Hundreds of people from Gujarat came there, indulged in rioting and arson."
Defending Rahul Gandhi's statement that Pakistani intelligence agencies are trying to lure Muzaffarnagar riot victims, Verma said, "He (Rahul) should get awards and accolades for speaking straight from the heart. He does not hide anything, there is no place for secrecy in democracy.”


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