"It is clear that it is a decision which was taken by the RSS leadership, which claims to be a cultural organization and rubber-stamped by the BJP leadership. Rather they were sulking, but they were dragged into taking this decision," senior Congress leader and Union Minister for Commerce Anand Sharma said.

Taking a dig at the Gujarat Chief Minister, he said that Modi has never shown any grace or dignity in the political discourse ever. "Humility has never touched him and he has dragged political discourse to very low depth," he added.

Sharma said that Modi has been addressing public rallies from a dais that featured the replica of Red Fort (in Ambikapur) and Parliament (in an Ahmedabad college on August 15).

Terming Modi's ambition as a pipe-dream, he said,"...That shows that he is delusional, he is desperate and I can say that with certainty that he will always be speaking from the ramparts of replicas and not from the real Red Fort and not address the real Parliament that is for sure because that misfortune will never visit people of India."

Commenting on the Muzaffarnagar riots, Sharma said it was shocking and urged all sections to maintain unity and harmony. "That is shocking. There are forces at work who want to create a sectarian divide by injecting the poison of communalism for electoral gain by polarizing the society. We would urge all communities and all sections to see through their evil designs and maintain unity and harmony," he added.

Communal strife in Muzaffarnagar has claimed 47 lives.


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