"Modi is all rhetoric, lies and more lies. Making false claims and doling out fake promises. That is what Modi is all about. Fake, hollow, shallow. Empty vessels make most noise,” former CLP leader of Gujarat Shaktisinh Gohil said.

"No wonder Modi desperately tried to make so much, in his usual hollow rhetorical style in Hyderabad," Gohil added.

The Gujarat Congress leader said that while the Chief Minister brags being "development personified", his own government's reports and statistics depict a completely different picture than what he claims. He said the latest economic data shows the poor have not benefited from Modi's development.

"The data shows that distribution of benefits of high growth has not been uniform across different strata of society. In Gujarat only the rich get richer...Middle class and poor people have not benefited from Modi's so- called development model. He has hired American firms and spent billions of tax money," Gohil said.

"Planning Commission data also shows poverty reduction for the deprived, especially Scheduled Tribes and Muslims in Gujarat have been among the lowest in the country," he said.


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