He also attacked the governance model of Congress party where a shadow government was being run and the Prime Minister's position was "undermined".
Attacking the Congress vice president, Modi said he has not seen such a culture anywhere when an individual party leader tears apart the Cabinet decisions "ridiculing" the government, an apparent reference to Rahul Gandhi's opposition to the ordinance relating to convicted lawmakers.
He also attacked the Congress-led UPA government for spreading the "sampraday ke zeher ki kheti" (poison of communalism) even in the Armed forces by seeking a headcount of Muslims.
Hitting out at Rahul for attacking him in Gujarat, Modi said the Congress vice president has said "useless" things against him.
"He (Rahul) has used a word from Hindi which is used to abuse. He has described the people of Gujarat as "Ulloo" (fools). He insulted all the people of Gujarat. The people whom you describe as fools have rejected you for three terms. You have befooled people for 60 years, now people of India will not accept you," Modi said about Rahul.
He alleged three generations of Congress have tried to spread lies which the people of Gujarat have not accepted. "Now the people of the country will also reject you like what the people of Gujarat have done."
Taking a jibe at the oft-repeated claim of Modi's humble beginning as tea vendor, Rahul said all professions should be respected except those who make a "fool" of others.
Modi also attacked Congress president Sonia Gandhi for heading the National Advisory Council (NAC), a body of NGOs, which he described as one which has rendered the Planning Commission as zero.


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