Vadodara: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday criticised Congress for its advertisement campaign claiming credit for state welfare schemes, saying the Centre is merely disbursing the money it has collected from people in taxes.

"Centre collects Rs 60,000 crore from Gujarat every year and allocates Rs 6,000 crore to the state and this money does not belong to Congress and that party is not giving the money to the state as 'Kariyavar' (dowry)," Modi told a public meeting at Karjan town in the district.

"The money spent in Gujarat is collected from the people of Gujarat and does not belong to the Congress party," he said while referring to advertisements being appeared in some vernacular and a few English dailies in the state.

The promotions are part of the Congress' 'Dasha and Disha Badlo' (change status and direction) campaign.

The ads list "measures" being taken by Centre for the people of Gujarat, including allocation of extra gas, helping cotton growers from the state by lifting ban on the export of cotton among other schemes.

Dismissing the claims, Modi said cotton farmers from the state suffered a huge loss of Rs 15,000 crore before Centre resumed the export of cotton.

"Congress party has lost its vision and has taken the country on the path of destruction through 2G scam, Coalgate, Commonwealth Game scam and is neck-deep in corruption," the Chief Minister said.

Taking a swipe at Congress leaders for hailing AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi as a national leader and him being a state leader, Modi said,"I agree with their view. There can not be any comparison between the two. My agenda is clear and I am working for welfare of population of 6 crore Gujaratis and making them prosperous".

Modi criticised Centre for allowing FDI in civil aviation and multi-brand retail and hiking diesel prices besides capping the number of LPG cylinders per household per year.


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