Ahmedabad: Slamming UPA government for poor economic policies, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra on Wednesday said that the Centre is not taking any step to resurrect the economy. Taking a jibe at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s statement that money does not grow on trees, the Chief Minster said that Gujarati believe that ‘money grows in farm’.

“We Gujaratis believe that money grows in farm, in factories and by the sweat of a labourers. Farmers of the country grow money, labourers grow money in factories," BJP's poll campaign committee chief said.

Speaking at an awards function in Ahmedabad, Modi equated the ‘reputation’ of a falling rupee and sinking credibility of the UPA government.

"Rupee is depreciating sharply...I wonder if there is a competition going on between the Delhi-based (UPA) government and the Rupee on who is losing esteem faster. When the country gained independence one rupee was equal to a dollar, when Atalji's government came to power rupee was at 42 when he left it was at 44 and during the regime of an economist-PM it has now reached 60," the Modi said.

Modi alleged that Manmohan Singh government is to be blamed for the middle-class losing confidence in the stock market, lack of impetus to the manufacturing sector, rupee woes, low savings, price rise and huge current account deficit (CAD).

He also mocked at the UPA government over speculation about early Lok Sabha elections, the Gujarat Chief Minister wondered how it can decide when it is ‘indecisive’ on various fronts.
"There is a debate going on about early elections. Somebody asked me about it to which I said that how can this government, which has not taken any decision in the last nine years, will decide about early polls'," Modi said, addressing a business award function.


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