"If it’s Modi model of Gujarat, then it’s corporate model. The people are fighting in every district of Gujarat where their land has been given to corporates. People are fighting in Narmada for their land," Patkar said at the sidelines of a function here.
"Modi is the prime ministerial candidate of a national party, which is their (party's) right. But we Indians would like to have Gandhian model of economy and development in our country, which means production by masses and not mass production. Which means humane approach and justice to masses," she said.
Patkar claimed that any industry desirous of project in Gujarat is being given land by ‘snatching’ it away from the poor without caring for their rehabilitation.
Patkar alleged that the Gujarat chief minister is spreading lies in public meetings over the Sardar Sarovar Project on Narmada river.
"Modi in two gatherings claimed that Maharastra and Madhya Pradesh is losing free electricity because the dam is not permitted to go ahead by 17 metres. It is actually not that. Nobody is getting free electricity from the Sardar Sarovar Monstrous dams," said Patkar.


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