Ahmedabad: Gujarat Congress president Arjun Modhvadia on Tuesday alleged Chief Minister Narendra Modi had insulted all women in the country with his comment on Union Minister Shashi Tharoor's wife.

Modi, of late, was using language that did not behave a political leader and had lost "decency", Modhvadia added.

"Recently, on the issue of malnutrition, Modi had said that as Gujarati women are beauty-conscious, malnutrition is high in Gujarat.

"I personally, on behalf of the people of Gujarat, apologise to those against whom the Chief Minister has made these remarks," Modhvadia said.

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Speaking in Shimla yesterday, Modi had taken potshots at Tharoor, saying his wife was once his "50-crore-rupee girlfriend".  

AICC Secretary Sudhakar Reddy also said that Modi should have resigned by now.

"He should resign have by this time. Narendra Modi insulted Manmohan Singh ji and called him 'maun'Mohan Singh. He should be ashamed of this. He should also take his words back on Shashi Tharoor and his wife. He should not use wrong words because it does not suit him," Reddy said.

Meanwhile, the Left Front has also condemned Modi's remark on Sunanda Pushkar. CPM leader Brinda Karat said such a speech could only come from a 'sick mind'. "As a woman and citizen of India, I totally condemn this comment. Such a speech can come from a sick and perverted mind. Does their RSS ideology teach them this? The entire world knows his ideology. Now it has even become clearer that his ideology is anti-women, anti-people and anti-democracy. Why does the party have to call such people here whose ideology is such? This also shows the stand of the party," Karat said.

Activist Kiran Bedi also termed Modi's comment as 'distasteful'. "Heard a particular remark made by a particular CM which is distasteful! We the People must reject this trend collectively.”


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