Bhopal: The residents of Indore and Devas living alongside Narmada River were shocked to hear the reports of 70 MLD water theft. The thieves broke the pipeline and stole the water from the river, which quenches the thirst of at least 15 lakh people.

The Municipal Corporation officials came to know about the incident when they received a complaint from nearby villages that the supply pressure of the Narmada water was quite slow for the last 7-8 days.

When the Municipal officials and engineers reached the spot, they were shocked to see that the pipeline was broken from Vanchu pipe filter plant to Madeleshwar, near Bhaklay village and 200 m canal was constructed to fill up a pond.

After surveying the area, the engineers discovered that the pond was filled with seven crore litres of water and the theft was going on for the past several days.

The issue was immediately brought to the notice of Mayor of Indore Krishna Murari Moghe and Municipal Corporation Commissioner Yogendra Sharma. Later, a complaint was lodged with SDM Mandeleshwar and the police.

The Mayor said this is the biggest water theft occurrence till now. “We have asked the police to secure the region and complete its investigation to prevent any such occurrence in future,” he added.