The passengers were tossed up as a result of the sudden jerk, but luckily they escaped unhurt, police said.
The incident took place at Loharka bypass, 25 kms before the international Attari/Wagah border.
Police said that a Punjab police jeep which was piloting the bus overtook a car. But when the bus tried to do the same, all of sudden the car came in front of the bus and as a result driver of the heavy vehicle had to apply the brakes.
Another Punjab police escort vehicle following the bus couldn't apply brake well in time and hit the bus from rear.
Police said that there was minor and slight damage to police escort vehicle and all the passengers in the bus were safe and sound, as no injury was reported.
After the incident, the bus journey to Pakistan was halted for few minutes and thereafter bus went to Attari border to cross over to Lahore in Pakistan.

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