London: Pregnant with her first child, hollywood actress Natalie Portman is likely to quit acting to focus on her family life.

29-year-old Natalie spoke of her desire to emulate Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn, who left her movie career to begin a family, reported a website.

"Audrey made some good choices in life. More and more I realise how unimportant it is to be in the history books or anything like that. Putting time and energy into your children, that's valuable," said Portman, who is engaged to choreographer Benjamin Millepied.

The Oscar winning actress has often spoken about the emotionally draining experience of filming 'Black Swan', in which she played a psychotic prima ballerina in one of the most demanding roles of her career.

Portman insisted it was a relief to begin work on her upcoming film, the more light-hearted 'Thor'.