London (Agencies): Actress Natalie Portman is the Hollywood’s most desirable spouse as indicated by a poll conducted by a magazine with 'Two and A Half Men' star Charlie Sheen being named the least desired husband.

The 'Black Swan' star has beaten Megan Fox, pop singer Cheryl Cole and bride-to-be Kate Middleton to be crowned the most desirable celebrity wife in a poll by the magazine, 'My OK! Wedding'.

Amy Winehouse was voted the least desirable Wife with troubled star Lindsay Lohan and singer Britney Spears trailing in second and third slot, according to media reports.

 Britain's Prince Harry was voted the most desirable husband followed by his engaged brother William and 'Twilight' hunk Robert Pattinson.

 Sheen, 45, who recently checked into a rehab after his hospitalization, has been voted the least popular fantasy husband with scandal-plagued Mel Gibson in second slot.

"We were stunned by the results. The least attractive celeb brides and grooms were the party monsters. And now that Harry has cleaned up his act and proven himself to the world with his work in Afghanistan, he has topped the poll beating all the expected candidates like Robert Pattinson and even his brother William," a spokesperson for My OK! Wedding said.