Here is a compilation of reactions from various sects of the society:

Sushilkumar Shinde, Union Home Minister:
Justice was given to the girl and the family. It passes on the message that if you commit this crime, this is the punishment you will get.

Prithviraj Chavan, Maharashtra Chief Minister: After this judgment, nobody will dare to repeat such a horrific and grave crime.

RR Patil, Maharashtra Home Minister:
The judgment will send an appropriate message to society and I hope that the ruling will be confirmed by the higher courts.

Sushma Swaraj, Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha: I welcome the judgement in the Delhi gang-rape case. This will serve as a deterrent for such offences.

Suresh Gopi, Malayalam superstar: Why should there be a different set of laws for criminals who are juveniles? As far as I am concerned there should be no reason for any leniency.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister: Death sentence for the guilty in Nirbhaya case served the requirement of justice. It shall act as a deterrent against heinous crimes.

Ambika Soni, Congress leader: The crime which was committed was rape, murder, brutal murder, the judgment is more than welcome.

Nirmala Sitharaman, BJP spokesperson: India shall not tolerate barbarity! Nirbhaya: Courts have given your tormentors their due. Now rest in peace, notwithstanding their appeal.

Mamta Sharma, chairperson, National Commission for Women (NCW): It is a landmark judgment and a very good decision of the court. The court, by giving the death sentence to all the four men, sends a clear message that such crimes won't be tolerated.

Ranjana Kumari, director of the Centre for Social Research (CSR):
The death sentence would come as solace to the victim's family, and represent, to them, justice for their daughter. The sentence is loud and clear, that there should not be a repetition of such a grievous case.

Kiran Bedi, former Indian Police Service officer: Clear message to parents and teachers and community at large... tell your boys how to behave and be responsible or (they will) be hung.

Sunita Dhar, representing NGO Jagori:
Death penalty cannot be a solution or deterrent, though it might be rarest of rare cases. The four accused could have been given a chance to reform. We need to look at the root causes of the sexual violence against women.

Tara Rao, director, Amnesty International India: The rape and murder of the young woman in Delhi last year was a horrific crime and our deepest sympathy goes out to the victim's family. Those responsible must be punished, but the death penalty is never the answer.
Karan Johar, film director: Death sentence for the rapists! Thank god...there is a god and finally there is justice.

Anupam Kher, actor: Death sentence for rapists. This Friday the 13th is a day of justice. Jai Ho.

Akshay Kumar, actor: Justice prevails, death sentence for the four rapists! Hope this conveys a message to the other men. They deserve nothing less for such a heinous act!

Raveena Tandon, actress: Superb! For once it's been victory of the people! Delhi rape victim. Nirbhaya's rapists to hang.
Tanzila Taj, student at Jamia Millia Islamia:  Why be shy? I always retaliate. What does one do in case of remarks and gestures that men makes subtly, which can’t be proven, and because of which most women don’t file a case.

Zeba Saifi, a third-year bachelor of physiotherapy student:
I have to struggle against my male classmates’ perceptions about clothing.  It’s hard to convince them that girls’ dress doesn’t provoke. They are stuck in the belief that if a girl is wearing a certain kind of clothing she is inviting.

Batra, a law teacher: We need progressive judges to give brave judgments

Victim’s mother: I am satisfied now, and we are finally at peace. They have been given the punishment which they truly deserved. If they appeal to the high court, we will fight back. We are prepared for a very long battle to get justice," said the mother of the physiotherapy intern.

Poonam, resident of Ravidas Camp where four of the six accused lived:
I am doing my graduation from Delhi University, but ever since after the December 16 case I have hidden my address from my friends. The four have brought shame to our colony. The name of Ravidas Camp now evokes raised eyebrows and stares from people.

Father of one of the accused Akshay: Court's order is on expected line due to heavy pressure from people across the country. We were hoping against hope. Even God has left us at the mercy of the court that awarded capital punishment to my son.


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