"When we unfurl the tricolour, the message will also go to Lal Quila. Nation will want to know what was said there and what is said here (in Bhuj)," Modi said addressing a gathering of youth at Bhuj in Kutch district.

"On one hand there will be a series of promises, whereas on the other there will be the account of work done. On one side there will be despair (nirasha) and on the other side hope (asha)," he said without directly mentioning the Prime Minister.

Modi also took a dig at Robert Vadra, son-in-law of Congress president Sonia Gandhi. "When children grow up, parents advise them to settle down. But today children are telling their parents that they are not averse to marriage, but they are waiting for an opportunity to become the 'sarkari damaad'," he said.

Attacking the Centre, Modi said, "It is your turn to give your accounts...you will have to give account in 2014 of what you have done...and this country knows what you have done. It knows what you have done, for whom you have done and who has done. People also know how it has been done and how much it was done."

"I want to tell them (UPA) that Gujarat passed the test with distinction in December 2012 (when last assembly polls were held). Those spreading canards against the state have been rejected," he said.

"Come in 2017 (when next assembly election happens in Gujarat)...try the same thing but this time you have to answer in 2014, what did you do, the nation knows," Modi said.

Congress attacks Modi

The statements of Modi, BJP's election campaign committee chief, drew a caustic remark from Union Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Rajeev Shukla, who said the Gujarat leader was "full of arrogance". "I keep saying from day one that he is full of arrogance, full of himself. If this kind of a person gets higher in politics what he will do to the country one can understand," he said in Delhi.

Union Law Minister Kapil Sibal too attacked Modi, saying, "They (the people) will probably be curious to hear what mis-statements of facts Mr Modi is now going to make. Every time he makes a speech, there are some false figures, false facts which he knows to be false like 20 percent of GDP of China is spent on education.


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