To begin with a note is that Indian economy has grown 8-9 percent but price hike is touching sky, democratic system in India is praiseworthy but scams and scandals are synonym with political phenomena here, federal system of Indian government attracts other nations but vivid conflict between the Centre and the States on various issues are on list due to difference between ruling parties in respective places,  Judiciary and Govt of India are at loggerjam in respect of transparency maintenance as Supreme Court calls upon the Prime Minister Office to explain delay in taking action against the accused but in return gets no reply from there, government machinery appears mute on developmental issues, be it education, agriculture, law and order and similar grevious subjects but tax norms are stringent for common people, Indian government formed a full-fledged IT department and spent thousands of crores on computerization but paper work in govt departments have increased, various funds have been allocated to govt and non-govt organizations for training of efficiency enhancement and welfare  programmes to deprived sections of society but their number has increased manifold, Supreme Court heavily came upon a practice ‘No Child Labour’ but it miserably failed and became a mockery on Apex Court’s judgement when innumerable poor children started begging on busy roads of the National Capital, thousands of crores are spent on security of big leaders of the country irrespective of any national party but thousands die on road mishap and killings are taking place mercilessly and fearlessly, a major thrust is on women empowerment in national agenda but people are taken aback to hear unaccountable rape cases a day, amelioration of poverty has been a major concern of the government but people do die of hunger, per capita income has improved, govt claims but suicides are taking place due to debts burden, socialistic pattern and equality and equanimity are embedded in Indian Preamble but various state governments are being shaken due to land scams, home for homeless, a scheme of govt is fructifying when houses are allotted to rich and influential people on subsidized or on compensatory ground, crores being spent on metereological department but monsoon and weather conditions are never predicted precisely, Coordination Committee of the govt of India is supposed to bring down issues and conflicts but discord and disharmony are prominent features of political scenario, traffic police is said to control jam and inconvenience on road but a diary and a pen in their hand have changed their perception to prove themselves heroes of roads, time, energy and money on workshop, seminar and training abroad programme are on rise but old and traditional methods are still on front in government departments. Unique Authentication Identity department is constituted but process for passport, driving licence, ration card and identity verification are getting more complex, last but not least India is constituted of 65 percent youth but the ruling is done by tired old people who have no energy left to give it to the Nation building.    

Does not it dwell on national Preamble which makes our leaders remind of their sovereignty and honesty towards Nation in oath ceremony? How a State Head puts a deaf ear to people’s cry expressing explicitly inability to check misappropriation in national interest.

A precise thought and right view need to be inculcated in mass to make this nation strong and grow through a seachange in political system where participation and promotion of youth can only be the solution to today’s plight citing Swami Vivekanand’s voice “Come, Awake and Arise” as modern India wants to inscript “India is of Youth, By Youth and For Youth.