"Simply loved the way we all stood up in the studio when the National Anthems of both the country's played in Adelaide... Anthems emotionally drive you into that... and what a precision activated operation," Bachchan posted on his blog.
The star celebrated India's win with his fans, who had gathered around his house. An elated Bachchan draped the National flag around his shoulders.
"Such a great joy when you drape the National flag over your shoulders, wrapped around in patriotic fervour, delighted that one can share that moment with the Sunday well wishers, it is the ultimate emotion,” he said.
"Something stirs you on when its a matter of country and our team, that effect and feel of being a part of your great country is beyond comprehension. It works for all nations, and each nation feels a sense of pride and value every time the Anthem is played, sometimes that moment before a game, any game, is the most poignant and inspiring moment... the game comes after... way after..." he added.

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