Panipat: In an effort to maintain and upgrade the educational standards in the country, National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) has denied granting the permission for the opening any private B.Ed institution in 14 states including Haryana for the academic session 2012-13. 

A related notification has been issued on the official website of NCTE. Two states, Bihar and Jharkhand have been kept out of this decision. Any online application to open new private B.Ed institutions in the two states would be accepted from August 1, 2011.

The NCTE move comes in wake of the fact that such colleges have been mushrooming in several states and in process are affecting the quality of education being imparted to the students. In Haryana alone numbers of these colleges have exceeded more than 400 in the last decade with seat numbers more than 60, 000.

These private B.Ed colleges generally have a provision for 15 percent seats reserved for students of other states but it has exceeded to 50 percent in most of the colleges. However the attendance of these students from other states remains scant.

To review the whole scenario, a team of several universities of Haryana along with Kurukshetra University conducted a surprise visit in private B.Ed colleges. After that, NCTE issued the notification to ban opening of such colleges for one year.

As per the notification, private colleges in Haryana would not be given recognition for conducting B.Ed, B.P.Ed and D.P.Ed courses. B.Ed and  D.P.Ed courses would not be approved from private colleges of Punjab.

B.Ed and D.P.Ed from Uttar Pradesh private colleges, B.Ed and M.Ed from Rajasthan, B.Ed, D.Ed from Himachal Pradesh and  B.Ed, B.P.Ed courses from private colleges of Madhya Pradesh would not be recognized.