Noida: Under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) of the Central government, the Crime and Criminal Tracking Networking System (CCTNS) pilot project has been started in Uttar Pradesh. The pilot project has been started from Noida Phase 2 Kotwali of the district and two other police stations in the state.

With the introduction of technology in the day to day working of police station, the General Diary (GD) will no longer remain a weapon in the hands of a Police Station Officer which he can use as per his whims and fancies.

The GD will have to be uploaded in every three minutes to make it visible to the interconnected police stations all across the country.

To make policemen learn its operation, training session has been organized by the WIPRO engineers. Within a year more than 35,000 policemen in UP will be trained about technology.

State DGP, Brijlal said, “The pilot project implemented in three police stations of UP is giving good results. The 2008 record of these stations have been made online. Soon, the other police stations will also be included under the project.”

Through the implementation of the CCTNS, 1504 police stations of Uttar Pradesh will be interconnected. It will facilitate collection, storage, retrieval, analysis, transfer and sharing of data and information at the police stations and State Headquarters as well as the Central police organisations.

CCTNS will also create a national database of crime and biometric profiles of criminals. It will also have a citizen interface to provide citizen services. Citizens will be able to lodge complaints online and check out the case details and its progress through the use of technology.