Islamabad: President Asif Ali Zardari has said he will mobilise the entire nation for the relief and rehabilitation of the flood-hit. Devastating floods in Pakistan's Sindh province have left over 250 people dead and impacted over seven million people.

Addressing business leaders in Karachi, Zardari said, “We are faced with a huge challenge. But we will convert this huge challenge into an equally huge opportunity and make Pakistan stronger with the support of business community and the people.”

“It is a test which we shall not only endure with patience and grace but will also come out of it triumphantly,” President was quoted as saying.

The business honchos had been invited for a brain storming session on mobilising business community in rescue, relief and rehabilitation of flood victims.

Zardari said, “I have set up a control room to monitor the relief and rehabilitation work. I will monitor the monitors. They should know that somebody is monitoring them too.”

He said the government has decided to give extra seeds to farmers in areas which were not affected so that they can cultivate wheat.

“We will take measures so that we do not have to import wheat to meet our needs,” he added.