Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s statement that the country’s image has suffered a major set back before the international community on account of rampant corruption is neither novel nor exemplary. This is just an acceptance, a kind of admittance in lines with the general public sentiment, but it actually means zilch, as it would not lead to any improvement in the situation. The PM’s acceptance can be welcomed only when the government matches it with concrete follow-up action. The delay in0020arrest of A Raja in the 2-G spectrum scam forced the people to believe that the government is reluctant in taking swift action even when charges were established against the former Union Minister. No wonder several scams and misappropriations of public money have left the government red faced.

Government’s attempt at shielding Central Vigilance Commissioner PJ Thomas, despite the fact that charges of corruption against him have been clearly established, do not leave it in a situation to make tall claims about being desirous of taming corruption. What reason would the government offer to explain the fact that it allowed a whole session of the Parliament to be wasted but did not agree to the formation of a Joint Parliamentary Committee on 2G Spectrum issue? Government’s decision to form a GoM to look into the legal and administrative solutions to the problem of corruption should be taken only with a pinch of salt. The formation of innumerable committees, whose results lead to nothing, exposes the government’s non seriousness and lack of commitment in dealing with major problem like corruption. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has called for a system that would end corruption, but what would explain why the recommendations of Second Administrative Reforms Commission were not accepted? What can be more ironical than the fact that even though the nation’s Prime Minister admits to lapses in the moral fabric of his government, the dilution in the ethics of his ministers, but lacks in resolve and determination to find a plausible solution.