"Our slogan is 'Punjab will win' this time. Punjabiat will win. Our fight is against the system that has ruined Punjab. People with selfish interests have overridden interests of the state. People want change in governance," Sidhu said. He said that his fight is against the system and the leaders who had "ruined" Punjab.

Sidhu said that Arvind Kejriwal in his tweet spoke only a half-truth about his talks with the AAP. He revealed that Kejriwal asked him not to contest the Punjab polls but offered AAP’s ticket to his wife Navjot Kaur. Sidhu also said that Kejriwal offered ministerial berth to his wife.
"They (AAP) wanted to make me another decoration piece. Kejriwal told me not to contest and only campaign for the party. I was offered that my wife will be made a minister," Sidhu said.

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Sidhu also compared the AAP with the East India Company and alleged that the party believes in the policy of divide and rule.
Sidhu also attacked the Badals and said that the government should be for the people but in Punjab it is all about one family. He also took a ‘Kaala Badal’ jibe at the Badal family and said, “Log kehte hain kaale badal chat ke suraj nikalna chaiye.”

He also said that at this stage Awaaz-e-Punjab is not a party but a forum for good and like-minded Punjabis. “Awaaz-e-Punjab is the resurrection and redemption of Punjab which is in a dire strait,” he said.

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Sidhu, who is a BJP member, said that he had resigned from the Rajya Sabha as he was given two options - either to support and campaign for Badals or not to look towards Punjab."I refused to accept either of these two conditions and resigned," Sidhu said.

Sidhu had resigned from the Rajya Sabha on July 18, fuelling speculation that he may join the AAP. Elections to 117 Assembly seats are likely to be held in January or early February next year.

Here are the highlights of his press conference:  

03:50 PM: We will take 15 days and then get back to you with our decision and more details: Navjot Singh Sidhu

03:48 PM: Decision on party in 15 days: Navjot Singh Sidhu

03:46 PM: See Kejriwal's tweet, he said Navjot Singh Sidhu came with no pre-conditions. Where does ques of asking something come from?:Navjot Sidhu

03:45 PM: At this stage 'Awaaz e Punjab' is not a party, its a forum: Navjot Singh Sidhu

03:36 PM: You(Kejriwal) only want 'Yes Men': Navjot Sidhu

03:33 PM: Kejriwal ji told me 'don't fight elections, ask ur wife to contest will make her a minister.' I said 'Sat shri Akal': Navjot Sidhu

03:32 PM: Sidhu compares AAP with East India Company, says they are following the policy of 'Divide and Rule'

03:29 PM: Kejriwal ji tweeted about meeting with me, but he said half truth.Let me complete it: Navjot Sidhu

03:27 PM: When I went to Hamid Ansari sahab he was shocked by my resignation decision,he said he never saw anyone doing this: Navjot Sidhu

03:26 PM: Good leader was reduced to mute spectator: Navjot Sidhu

03:25 PM: My resignation from Rajya Sabha had nothing to do with Kejriwal ji: Navjot Sidhu

03:18 PM: Log kehte hain 'kaale Badal chhat ke suraj nikalkna chahiye': Navjot Sidhu

03:18 PM: Government should be for the people but in Punjab it is all about one family: Navjot Sidhu

03:17 PM: Awaaz-e-Punjab is the resurrection & redemption of Punjab which is in dire strait: Navjot Singh Sidhu

03:16 PM: Awaaz e Punjab ek inquilaabi awaaz hai: Navjot Sidhu

03:16 PM: Awaaz-e-Punjab is the resurrection & redemption of Punjab which is in dire strait: Navjot Singh Sindhu

03:15 PM: There is a tradition in India that good people are kept as decoration pieces and used only for campaigning: Navjot Sidhu


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