The festival, which starts on Thursday, is celebrated in myriad ways, and here is taking a look at how small screen actors plan to celebrate it:

Sneha Wagh:
Navratri is indeed special. My mom keeps 'ghat' (Devi (Goddess Durga  Ki Sthapana) at home. I never fast, but I keep a check on what I eat. I wish I could get time off to play 'garba'.

Tina Dutta: Navratri means Durga Puja. I will spend time with family. I do puja personally. I do 'Shondi Puja' also.

Himmanshoo Malhotra: It's an amazing festive season of yummy food and dance especially in Mumbai and Gujarat where everyone gathers for 'dandiya' and 'garba' celebrations. Unfortunately, I won't be in Mumbai during Navratri, but barring this year, every other year we have 'dandiya', garba and DJ in our building.

Ajay Chaudhary:
We believe in Vaishno Maata so we celebrate it with great excitement. We all fast do puja and visit temples. The festival brings a lot of positive and divine feeling. We will visit the 'pandals' in Juhu and play 'dandiya'. Frankly, I can't fast, but I shall try fasting on the first and the last day of Navratri. As usual, I will not eat non-vegetarian.  

Shivin Narang:
I don't fast, but my parents do it for nine days. I used to keep fast when I was in Delhi, but now I am in Mumbai and it's very difficult to fast. But I make it a point that I fast on the first and the last day of Navratri. I clean and decorate my house. I won't be performing 'garba'.  

Gunjan Utreja: Festivals are great occasions to meet each other and savour upon great food. Till I was in college, I used to keep fast during Navratri and on the last day, I would do the 'puja'. But now because of my hectic schedule, I am unable to keep fast anymore.

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