Chakradharpur (Jharkhand): In a shocking incident, naxal groups are using government schools in their stronghold as the nursery of Naxal philosophy.
The security forces in the state have learnt that the naxal groups are taking classes in the schools in the heartland and are giving anti-establishment lessons to the schools children.

Security forces during ‘Operation Anaconda’ in the Saranda forests learnt about the new method of dissemination of naxalism among the schools children.

After terrorising the teachers of dozens of school like Thalkobad, Tirilposhi, Ratamati among others in the region, the naxals are trying to brainwash small and innocent minds against the government machinery.

According to psychologists, such awful activities will spread animosity in the innocent minds. And hence, the move would prove disastrous for the future of the nation.

Moreover, the atrocious disclosure has also raised questions against the education system and the functioning of the state government.