Ranchi: Several cases of alleged violation of human rights have come to the surface in the naxal-hit districts like Latehar, Garhwa and Palamu in Jharkhand. The state police have been blamed for torturing the innocent persons in the name of Maoists.

A 17-member team comprising several human rights organizations and civil rights groups has collected data after visiting several states including Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Manipur, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra and Jharkhand.

Coordination of Democratic Rights Organization (CDRO) has prepared initial report after carrying out point-wise analysis in the nine cases.

In its report, the CDRO said, “The innocent persons are becoming victims in the action of the Central Reserve Police Force and state police. In such cases, neither victims nor their kin get justice and compensation respectively."

In CDRO report, it has been said that the TPC, JPC, PLFI, JJMP and JLT are state sponsored terrorist groups.

Point-wise study of CDRO

The Jharkhand police arrested Sanjay Prasad in connection with an old case. The police said that Sanjay planted bomb in the forest, while the probe team said no blast was occurred.

In another case, the CRPF and Maoists engaged in an encounter on April 27, 2010. Post encounter, the police conduced raid and said that the Maoists took shelter at the house of Jasinta Devi.

The police threatened Jasinta that her house would be set on fire. Later Jasinta was killed in a police encounter.

The government promised to give Rs 5 lakh as compensation to family of Jasinta. So far Rs one lakh was given to her family. No action has been taken against the guilty police officials.