After abducting two Italian Nationals and drawing attention of the international community, the Naxals have abducted a Biju Janata Dal (BJD) MLA. This clearly indicates that they are only trying to prove their might to the government. The abduction of the BJD MLA is surprising as negotiations were being held on the given lines of the Naxals. In spite of the government’s concerted effort to get released the Italians the Naxals carried out this audacious act. What the Naxals actually want is not clear. But it is evident that they want to put the government in a helpless position. Unable to handle the crisis, Odisha government has sought Centre’s help in this regard. But to what extent the Centre will provide help to Odisha is yet to be seen as Naveen Patnaik was the first Chief Minister to oppose the setting up of the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC). Does he now realize that Terrorism and Naxalism are not just law and order problem? Both the Centre and State governments must work in tandem to fight this threat.

The way some state governments opposed the NCTC alleging infringement of their rights only strengthened the anti-national elements that are a threat to the nation’s security. The Centre and the state have failed miserably to work in tandem to find a solution for the Naxal problem. Several times the government and the Naxal affected states have held meeting and discussions but to no avail. The NCTC could have proved to be a bridge between the Centre and the states but some Chief Ministers for mere petty gains ignored its importance. It is disappointing that despite the growing challenges of internal security the state governments are not serious towards their responsibilities. How will Odisha solve the crisis is a million dollar question, but if the state governments are serious in tackling the menace they must not view Naxalaism only as a law and order problem.