Ranchi: It’s time for Jharkhand police to pull up their socks and get ready with their internet batons. With the Naxalites turning to internet to communicate with their cadres and hatch plots, the hi-tech skills of the state police will come to test now.

The Naxalites have opted to use internet as a medium of communication to outsmart the police who have been busting their hideouts in the state using phone tapping as a major informative tool.

This net-savvy inclination of the Naxals was unearthed when the police caught hold of one hardcore Naxalite Arjun Mirdha, who gave vital clues about how internet is being used by them to widen their organization and recruit educated but unemployed youths of Jharkhand. Mirdha was a linked with the dreaded battalion of Kundan Pahan.

Considering the huge percentage of educated unemployed youths in Jharkhand, it is not surprising that the Maoists have resorted to such a tactic to penetrate into the masses. Using such youths, they are eyeing to hatch plots to attack the police via internet, revealed Mirdha. The strategy has been adopted to defeat the phone tapping tool used by the police to zero in on them.

Another woman Naxalite, who was arrested in Ranchi earlier, too had revealed similar facts. She informed the police that the Kundan Pahan had sent her to the state capital to have computer training. Sisilia Guria, another member from the Kundan Pahan battalion echoed a similar statement.

Notably, the Ranchi police registered huge success by arresting 62 Naxalites last year other than killing 10 Naxalites during encounters and compelling 13 of them to surrender. All this was possible because of the smart phone tapping move adopted by the police.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Ranchi, Praveen Kumar accepted the Naxalites are eyeing to grab computer savvy students who would help them to give a tough competition to the high-tech police.

In a bid to evade police interception, the Maoists are using high frequency radio waves (VHF) instead of very high frequency (VHF) waves. Not wanting to lag behind, the Jharkhand police have also streamlined all efforts towards beating the high-tech Naxals.