Lucknow: While the Centre is engaged in monitoring Naxal activities in Sonebhadra, Chandoli and Mirzapur, the Naxalities, meanwhile, are strengthening their base among workers and educated unemployed people in the big cities of the state.

What makes it interesting is that the Naxals are engaged in spreading their ideology secretly. Last month, Naxalite Sitaram Das, alias OP alias Ramdhari Das, was arrested from Banka region of Bihar. After he was interrogated, it was revealed that he was working as a secretary in the eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar zone.

He was active in spreading violence in Bihar and motivating youth to join Naxal movement through their ideologies in the eastern UP.

Like Sitaram, many young men are active in strengthening the Naxal movement and have stronghold in universities and various other establishments.

The areas of Uttar Pradesh like Azamgarh, Mau, Gazipur, Varanasi and Maharajganj are becoming breeding ground for Naxals as they are dominated by the Communists.

However, CPI national secretary Atul Kumar Anjaan said the slogans of dividing the land are not relevant anymore as sealing did the same for people.

“Nothing can be achieved by following the ideology of division of land. Now, the real land owners are those who cultivate it,” he said.
Meanwhile, Naxals are eyeing those workers of closed factories and mills who are yet to get their rights. According to sources, Naxals are encouraging youth to join their movement.