Ranchi: Taking a leaf out of the book of private companies, the Naxal outfits are issuing franchise for illegal activities to criminal gangs in Jharkhand. Spreading their tentacles in different parts of the state, the Naxal organizations are issuing franchise to collect levy and raise funds.

For the purpose, the Naxal outfits are also providing letterheads and weapons to criminal gangs.

After members of the People’s Liberation Front of India (PLFI) were arrested day before August 15, it was revealed that Naxals were supplying weapons to criminal gangs in order to raise their funds.

During interrogation it was revealed that the Naxal Commander directs spreading violence in the state and demand extortion.
Now, even Maoists are following the same line as PLFI and their Commanders are working secretly to raise funds.

On one hand the Jharkhand government is inviting capitalists and industrialists in the state, Naxals are opposing the same.
Naxals have prepared CDs which are being distributed among youth to develop an anti-capitalist feeling in them.

According to Ranchi SSP Saket Kumar Singh, Naxals are engaged in raising money for which they are taking the help of criminal organizations.