Jamshedpur: In order to target youth and intellectuals of the country, Naxal organizations are planning to use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to propagate their ideology.

Armed to teeth, the Naxal organizations are now equipping themselves with proficiency in use of the information technology as well.

Having tested the success in making the job of security agencies tougher by using mobile phones as the latest means of communication, Naxal leaders are now preparing to utilize the ‘social networking sites’ as an impenetrable device.

According to sources, the Naxal groups are arranging for laptops and broadband connections.

Samar Ji, the spokesperson of the Maoists told media that the sites like Facebook and Twitter are proving to be a great help in garnering support for running social movements and therefore the Maoists are also going to use it for propagating their ideas.

The fact the red ultras have already started using Facebook and Twitter as a tool was revealed during interrogation of some Naxals arrested in Bhopal who have connections in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.

The detainees revealed that youth in the group of 15-18 are targeted and brainwashed for revolution against the state.
The Maoists intend to prepare an army of people who support their ideology and cause.