New Delhi: The NCERT on Wednesday began an exercise to examine the recommendation of a committee which has suggested deletion of certain cartoons from political science textbooks amid indications that it is reluctant to accept the suggestions in toto.

Former NCERT textbook advisor Yogendra Yadav, who resigned in wake of the Ambedkar cartoon row along with Suhas Palashikar, gave point-by-point clarification about the cartoons selected for the textbook and the idea of having them, sources said.

He is also believed to have presented a draft with his views. The meeting was attended by NCERT director Parvin Sinclair, Hari Vasudevan of NCERT Textbook Development Committee for Social Sciences, former NCERT head Krishna Kanth among others. National Monitoring Committee Mrinal Miri could not attend the meeting.

Sources said some more consultations will take place in the coming days to examine the Thorat Committee suggestions before a full-fledged meeting of the national monitoring committee. The report was submitted to NCERT on June 27.

Some academicians including a few committee members have already questioned the committees procedure on arriving at a consensus. Insiders contended that both NCERT as the HRD Ministry are not too keen on accepting the suggestions of the panel in toto.

In his dissenting note, panel members M S S Pandian has said he found nothing inappropriate in the book.

"I did take into account suggestions by subject experts and concerns expressed by political parties, educational and other NGOs and intellectuals. I do not find contrary to my expectations anything educationally inappropriate in them and they should be used as they are," he said in his note.


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