New Delhi: Aimed at improving the state of higher education in country, the government has prepared the draft of National Higher Education and Research Commission (NCHER) Bill. The Bill proposes to constitute a Collegium - with experts and Nobel laureates as its members - which will play a key role in the working of the Commission.

According to the draft Bill, the members of the Collegium would include Nobel laureates and Fields medal awardees apart from representatives of various councils and committees. The Fields medal is given to achievers in the field of Mathematics.

The members of the Collegium would be divided into four schedules. The first schedule would have one representative from 14 professional bodies including Bar Council, Medical Council and Institutes of Chartered Accountants of India.

Similarly, the second schedule will have one representative each from 13 research institutions like Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Indian Council of Medical Research and Indian National Science Academy.

The prominent figures, who have won two international awards on the basis of their individual merit, have been placed in the third schedule. This list also includes the maximum of Nobel laureates from India.

The fourth schedule will have the members from 10 industrial organizations like FICCI, ASSOCHAM and CII. The sources said feedbacks on the draft of the Bill from various ministries have already been taken and the Bill can get Cabinet nod anytime soon.