New Delhi: Amidst charges by IAC activist Arvind Kejriwal of alleged camaraderie between BJP chief Nitin Gadkari and NCP chief Sharad Pawar’s nephew Ajit Pawar in conspiring Maharashtra irrigation scam, now it is NCP chief Pawar who has finally stepped in to throw his weight behind embattled BJP chief.

Speaking on Thursday over the charges of corruption against BJP chief Nitin Gadkari, NCP chief Sharad Pawar came out in his defence saying he was working for the development of farmers.

"Gadkari is a responsible man who works responsibly," Pawar said and asked team Arvind Kejriwal that if it has any evidence of corruption against the BJP chief it should go to court.

Pawar, whose party is part of the UPA at the Centre and which is sharing power with Congress in Maharashtra since 1999, suggested that he has no problems about defending the BJP chief.

"Anybody can say anything, but those who know Maharashtra, there are certain apex bodies which have 30 members... We don't discuss politics there, we discuss development," he told a news channel.

On India Against Corruption, he said, "If anyone has got some grievance they have every right to make allegation... but if suppose somebody has done a wrong thing best is to prosecute him... go to the court and take appropriate action against him."Or like Gadkari has offered any kind of enquiry then somebody should go in depth and bring what is the truth. He said that he has not gone in depth but on "what I have seen so far when setting of sugar mills along with the farmers is a service to that area and secondly taking land and providing excellent quality of seeds to hundreds of farmers is definitely useful to the farming community. Gadkari is a responsible man and works responsibly."

On the charge of business links with Gadkari, Pawar replied in the negative. "Firstly, I have no business with Gadkari. If anyone can establish I will be happy to hand over that business to them. No question of business."


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