Mumbai: Impressed with Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s progressive thinking, NCP Chief Sharad Pawar has said that Modi’s model of development was praiseworthy and his policies are better than Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar revealed this in an interview with a Marathi news daily which was re-published in November issue of the NCP’s mouthpiece Rashtravadi.

When asked about his comments on Modi and Nitish Kumar as icons of progress, Pawar said, “Nitish Kumar has emphasized more on law and order situation and he hesitates in adopting modern techniques in the field of agriculture.”

Pawar said that he suggested various ways to improve cultivation in Bihar but Nitish hesitates from experimenting in this field. He said that many people in this country dither from using genetic techniques and Nitish comes in this category.

Whereas Modi falls under a different category of people, said Pawar, adding if he thinks something is beneficial for Gujarat, he will not think twice in accepting that.

Pawar said that Modi should be appreciated for his vision for development and not on other issues.