Mumbai: The allegations of gross violations in Lavasa land acquisition and subsequent benefit to the Sule family is unsubstantiated and baseless, state NCP spokesperson Mahesh Tapase said.

These allegations were solely made to attain "cheap publicity and tarnish" the image of NCP and the Pawar family, Tapase said.

Maintaining that NCP MP Supriya Sule and her husband Sadanand Sule were in no way connected with the Lavasa project, he said they were shareholders of Yashomala Leasing and Finance Ltd which was amalgamated with Lake City Corporation Ltd in 2002 by an order of the Bombay High court.

The Sules had sold their shares to various persons and entities way back in 2003-04 and not 2006 as alleged. Supriya and Sadanand Sule were at no time directors in Lake City Corporation which subsequently became Lavasa Corporation Ltd, he said.

About the specific allegation that 348 acres of precious land was given to Lavasa at throwaway price, he said the charge did not hold ground for the said land was not sold but given on lease for 30 years.

"The land belongs to Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Corporation which leased 141 hectares to Lavasa, out of which 128 hectares (about 91 percent) is submerged and is used for storing water," he pointed out.

The land was valued at the then prevailing rates as per Maharashtra ready reckoned and awarded after following due procedure, Tapase stated.

The Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Corporation is within its powers to lease its land for tourism purpose and hence the provisions of the Maharashtra Land Revenue (Disposal of Government Land) Rules 1971 were not applicable, he said.


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