New Delhi: The National Campaign for Peoples' Right to Information on Friday welcomed the sports ministry's move to ensure transparency and accountability in national federations in the revised Sports Bill.

The inter-ministerial consultations on the revised Bill has already started, according to Sports Minister Ajay Maken, who on Friday expressed hope of introducing the Bill in the upcoming winter session of Parliament.

The Bill, aimed at ushering transparency and accountability in the functioning of National Sports Federations (NSF) by bringing them under the purview of the RTI Act, was earlier rejected by the Cabinet, which asked the Sports Minister to rework on it.

The NCPRI, which has been a strong campaigner for a transparent and participatory pre-legislative process in law making, also urged everyone to note that the Bill sought to set up grievance redress mechanisms along with an independent Appellate Tribunal, to ensure accountability in its internal functioning.

Applauding the efforts of the Ministry, NCPRI said: "We welcome the thrust on ensuring transparency and accountability in the Bill."

However, the NCPRI called for the deletion of Chapter 8 in the Bill, which contains specific exemptions to disclosure of information under the RTI Act.

"We believe that specific exemptions to disclosure of information under the RTI Act contained in this Chapter are unnecessary," said NCPRI Statement.

"For example matters like the health of players etc are already exempted from the purview of the RTI Act through Section 8(j) as it deals with the privacy of individuals," the statement added.

NCPRI also suggested a couple of points to the Sports Ministry.

"Every time a sports body receives financial or other assistance, including use of facilities free or at non-commercial rates, etc. the Sports Ministry makes it conditional for the sports body to accept the fact that it has been 'substantially financed' by the Government for the purposes of any law in for the time being in force."

And secondly it said: "The sports ministry, as a precondition to the recognition, registration, accreditation, or support to any sports body or any other related agency, has the right to unconditionally access full information from that body pertaining to either the recognition, registration, accreditation or support given, or to any other matter of public interest."