Indore:  Launching a scathing attack against the UPA government over the Railway Protection Amendment Bill and NCTC row, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi accused the Centre of working against the canons of federalism which is a basic principle of the Constitution. He also blamed the Centre for trying to make the states deprived of their constitutional rights.

“The Central government is trying to run the states through a remote control. This is not possible in federalism,” said Modi on the sidelines of a programme organised to discuss the condition of federal structure in the country.

Taking a dig at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress chairperson Sonia Gandhi, the Chief Minister accused the Congress of trying to destroy the federal structure of the country.

“Federalism is the basic structure of the Constitution and the Supreme Court has also stressed on it,” said the BJP leader.

Emphasizing on the need for good Centre-state relationship, Modi said, “It is really important for both the Central and State governments to work together. To develop the nation it is really important to develop the states.”

He further added that the Congress governments have always misused the top investigation agency CBI for their political gains.

“CBI is working as the puppet of the Congress party,” Modi alleged.

He further said that the Railway Protection Amendment Bill (RPF), Public Service Protection (PSP) and the National Counter Terrorism Centre are the new tools of centre to infringe the constitutional rights of the states.