"There are almost 45 percent of cases of rapes in which juveniles above 16 years of age are involved, so just saying that they should not be punished as they are juveniles and sending them to reform homes further strengthens their morale," said NCW Chairperson, Mamata Sharma.
But then, she said, it should vary from case to case.
"There should be a proper investigation, the psychological aspects and even the circumstantial aspects should be looked into while deciding on such cases," she said.
However, supporting the government's move, Sharma said that there is a need to amend the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000.
Sharma also stressed upon juvenile reforms and said that juvenile delinquents, especially those involved in heinous crimes, should be roped in to carry out social activities like tending to rape victims and the elderly.
"They should know what a rape victim goes through after she is raped. That is why they should be made to attend interactions with such women violence victims, not the ones they have assaulted, but other victims, so that even they can know about their ordeal," Sharma said.
Apart from that, they should be made to spend an hour or two with the elderly people. Above all, the mindset of the people also needs to be changed, she said.


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