Dehradun(JPN/Bureau): Pandit Narayan Dutt Tiwari, the seasoned politician with an experience of more than half a century,  who acted as the of Chief Minister of two states, held several important portfolios in the Central Government and was the governor of Andhra Pradesh is currently leading a life of ignominy in Dehradun.

From the point of view he is staying aloof but actually he is quite politically active. These days he is constantly inspecting the developmental plans started during his regime.

Tiwari recently caused trouble for both BJP and Congress. He led to major embarrassment for the BJP by attending a programme where Nitin Gadkari was the chief guest. The interesting part was, the BJP members who had been criticizing the Congress suddenly became quiet on seeing him.

Though Gadkari took command of the situation by praising Tiwari and made the atmosphere comfortable to a great extent, but the political gurus are unable to smell the main objective behind Tiwari’s new political tantrum.