Modi also said that the government has taken a series of measures which have restored faith in our capacity to deliver with transparency, efficiency and speed.
"Now, the faith has been restored--there is pace in governance, economic progress and global pride. You can see this," he told  Hindustan Times in an exclusive interview.      

"Global institutions like the IMF, OECD and others are predicting even better growth potential in the coming month  and years. India is, thus, back on the global radar."
Modi said the government's achievements have to be seen with reference to the past.
"In what situation did the people bring us to power? And what is the situation now? Is there a policy paralysis anymore? No. Is there a transparency issue? No. Is there stagnancy in governance? No. Instead, there is dynamism," he said.
On issues relating to judiciary, Modi said there have been instances where its initiative has resulted in a "good outcome" and there have been instances when it has resulted in "pain".
"I would not like to analyse the judiciary, the experts should look at it," he said three days after he said that judiciary should guard against 'five-star activists' and it was not as fearless as it used to be were--remarks that kicked up a controversy.

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