"Further, the Modi government is set to pursue such reforms more aggressively," the party's Politburo said, adding that these moves would "impose further miseries on the already
groaning sections of our population".

Warning of intensification of people's protest against the economic policy direction, the CPI(M) demanded that no reforms should be implemented without the Parliament first discussing and approving them.

Noting that Jaitley's remarks at the World Economic Forum had come on the eve of the winter session of Parliament, it said, "No such reforms must be implemented without the Parliament first discussing and approving them."

Observing that the government was setting new rules for allocation of mining licences and allowing commercial mining by private investors, the CPI(M) said coal sector was nationalised by parliamentary legislation.

"Such privatisation of India's rich mineral resources, instead of such mining being confined to the public sector, will only allow maximisation of private profits without developing domestic industry that should utilise these resources for domestic job creation and economic growth," it said.

Referring to the minister's remarks on the Land Acquisition Bill, the party said this would "impose further burdens depriving large sections of the Indian peasantry of their livelihood and pushing greater numbers towards distress suicides".

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