"You ask me the question on November 8. I will reply ...But I know you will not ask because we would have won. We are going to get a two-third majority...I do not have any confusion", Shah said in an interview.
When pressed further, he said that this is an election for Bihar which should be fought on issues concerning the state and these are galore there. "The election is for Bihar whether it is a referendum on Bihar or not will be decided by people of the state on November 8," Shah said.

“Election should be fought on the issues of Bihar. The issues here are bijli, pani and sadak. Here the issue is not what Modiji did about foreign policy or what is the country's growth rate. Elections should
be fought on Bihar issues and since they are so many issues of the state, it will not reach the level of national issues," Shah said in reply to a volley of questions including whether the outcome could be a referendum on Modi government or not.
Dismissing queries what if the BJP loses and whether it could have an adverse impact on the PM Modi dispensation, he said, “The outcome of the Bihar polls would be 'positive' on Modi government as we are going to win it. NDA is going to secure two-third majority. It will help us spread in Eastern India.”

Shah also defended his controversial comments on 'firecrackers in Pakistan' and ruled out any communalism behind it. "What I said means if PM Modi and BJP are weakened, it is natural for the anti-national forces to be happy. I am only saying this much. Where is communalism in this. I have not taken the name of any religion,” said Amit Shah.

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