The National Disaster Management Authority is dedicated to putting in its optimum efforts in assisting the stakeholders in providing relief and in bringing back the flood affected parts of the state to normalcy, an official statement said.


The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has rescued 49,990 people till today and opened five mobile medical units in Srinagar which have treated 1,200 patients.


The four Mobile Water Purifier RO Systems, which had been airlifted to Srinagar, have become functional and have produced 3 lakh litres of water.


The two Water Purifier RO systems provided by Indian Red Cross have also become functional and have produced 50,000 litres of water.


Efforts are on to install 6 more such RO systems, the statement said.


It said 60,000 food packets besides 3.3 MT of biscuits, breads and other food items have been rushed.


Altogether 15 tonnes of dry food consisting of gur, flat rice, roasted gram and biscuits were sent. 50,000 drinking water bottles were also airlifted.


Besides, 2,000 tents and 8,200 blankets, 500 mobile phone chargers, 3,450 solar lanterns and 1,000 kitchen sets have been sent for distribution in the Valley.

Since water in most of the places was receding, there was threat of diarrhoea and other water-borne diseases. NDRF has established five medical camps in various water logged areas of Srinagar Amar Singh College Road, Shergadi, Bakshi Stadium, Badshai Nagar (Naugam) and Kushupor to provide health care facilities to marooned people, it said.

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